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This portion of the website focuses on resources for parents, teachers, and students who are gifted.  We hope that you will find these links helpful and instructive. We trust these will help us achieve our mission of providing the best possible education for every student, regardless of ability.

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Our Senator TAG Students have been traveling through time researching and studying music, novels, important people, and important events beginning in the  1920s all the way through the 2000s.  Through our pictures, you are invited to step back Through the DecadesSee what it was like to live through the Great Depression, come disco with our 70s girls, sock hop with the 50s, or keep on keepin’ on with the 60s. 

 Kendall Ford, Olivia Kirkpatrick, Emma Sayre, and Abigail Hazelbaker, The 70's!

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Special and Gifted Education