Student of the Month

Congratulations to our Students of the Month! Students are chosen based upon any or all the following criteria: academic performance, character, behavior, effort, social relationship, attendance and student involvement in extra-curricular activities. 



5th Grade - Jordan Graham 

6th Grade - Alexia Deaver

7th Grade - Tanner Redoutey

8th Grade - Brandon Koch




5th Grade - Jacob Tipton 

6th Grade - Kodi Burton

7th Grade - Abbigail Winters

8th Grade - Jenni Parker






5th Grade - Kara Carter

6th Grade - Asalyn Stone

7th Grade - Jacob Davis

8th Grade - Hunter Brown






5th Grade - Carter Essman

6th Grade - Ryan Sissel

7th Grade - Emily Lore

8th Grade - Zoe-Hannah Rawlins




Middle School