Mrs. Alison Smalley, English teacher, and Mrs. Carolyn Callihan, U. S. History teacher, participated in two days of instruction on the American West at the Gallia-Vinton County ESC on the grounds of the University of Rio Grande.  Renowned historian Dr. Elliot West, featured presentor, signed copies of his book for the participants. The teachers sharpened their skills of the American West and will be bringing that knowledge back to their classrooms. As a follow up to the presentation, the teachers will travel to the Texas Panhandle and New Mexico as a field study trip in June. 

Shown L-R. Dr. Denise Shockley, director of Gallia-Vinton County ESC, Mrs. Smalley, Renowned historian Dr. Elliot West, and Mrs. Callihan

Are you looking for fun and vigorous ways to increase your learning experience in high school. Do you plan on going to College? If you answered yes to either question, then you should take AP (Advanced Placement) classes. To explore more information about AP, including What it Takes, The AP Experience, The Rewards, AP & Your Future, How to Enroll and for more information specifically For Parents, visit the College Board website. Also, see your guidance office for useful information about AP courses.

Article by: Dalton Meyers

Football on 50 Yard Line on an Empty Field

Congratulations to members of our Football team that have achieved the following accomplishments. Also, we are thankful to Coach Johnson and his staff for their dedication to the students involved in this program. 


1st Team SOC

Josh Berry

Dalton Billetter

Wesley Robinson

2nd Team SOC

Gabe Skaggs

Derrek Carver

Southeast All-District

1st Team

Dalton Billetter

Special Mention

Josh Berry

Wesley Robinson


Special Mention

Dalton Billetter


December 2016 Students of the Month PWHS

                          Students of the month for December 2016 at PWHS are Freshman- Ben Dubiel, Sophomore- Tyler Brown,                                                                    Junior- Austin Scott, Senior- Jacob McCoy.                                          

Congratulations to these outstanding students for this great accomplishment. We wish them the best for the rest of the school year.


Article by Brandon Moore

2016 – 2017 Blizzard Bag Assignments

*** This article will be updated daily as assignments are created. 

Blizzard Bags will be used to allow the district to continue instruction during calamity days 6, 7 and 8. Students without access to a computer will be provided a paper copy of the lessons prior to the calamity days or when they return to school. 



Blizzard Bag Assignment

Bill Hafer

Intervention Specialist: Math, English, Science & Social Studies

For all classes: Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.   

Barb Bazler

Biology, Advanced Biology

For all classes: Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.    

Leah Blevins

Algebra I, Dual Enrollment Calculus


Kathy Bloomer

Spanish I, II, III & IV


Jennifer Bloomfield

Intervention Specialist: English & Mathematics


Travis Bradford

Algebra II, Dual Enrollment Statistics, Dual Enrollment Algebra & Trigonometry


Carolyn Callihan

American History, AP American History, Current Events/Economics

For all classes: Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.  

Julie Conrad

World History, AP World History, Current Events/Economics


Andrew Ralstin

Biology, Chemistry I

For all classes: Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. 

Linda Distel

Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Senior Math, Algebra I


Ben Johnson


Blizzard Bag 1

Page 1 of 2           Page 2 of 2

Blizzard Bag 2

 Page 1 of 2            Page 2 of 2

Blizzard Bag 3

Page 1 of 2         Page 2 of 2 


Although the pdf files are upside down, they will still print out correctly.

Penny Edwards

English II, English II College Preparatory, Dual Enrollment Composition & Discourse


Ryan Ervin

Band, Music Theory


Lance Estep

Art I, II, III & IV

 Blizzard Bag assignments have been provided to students in their take home folders.

Kristie Copley

Study Habits, Library Resource, Senior Life, Digital Technology

 Senior Life Blizzard bags are located on the About page in Google Classroom.

Larry Goodwin

Physical Education, Advanced Physical Education, Health

For all classes: Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.  

Melissa Hall

Intervention Specialist: MD Unit


Marcella Kuhn

Physical Science, Earth Science

Blizzard Bag #1:  Complete the Ch. 21 Review p. 672  #28 through #42
Blizzard Bag #2:  Complete the Ch. 22 Review p. 700  #18 through #34
Blizzard Bag #3:  Complete the Ch. 23 Review p. 734  #27 through #40
Blizzard Bag #1:  Write a half page summary on one of the Environmental Careers described on pp. R33 to R44 in Appendix I of your text.  Choose the one that interests you most.
Blizzard Bag #2:  Zero in on one of the Ecoskills that you may wish to utilize on pp. R45 to R54 in Appendix J of your text.  Write a half page critique on one of these articles.  

Blizzard Bag #3:  Read the Chapter 18 Enrichment Article on Renewable Energy pp. 455C and 455D.  Write a half page critique on one of the blue subheadings.  Back your comments up with facts. 

Brittney Crall

Engineering I, II


Mariah Ginn

Computer I, English IV, English IV College Preparatory


Lori Mohebbian

Family & Consumer Sciences, Home Economics I, II, III


Jennifer Moorhead

English I, English I College Preparatory


Kathy Ross

Intervention Specialist: Mathematics


Charley Shinkle

Algebra I, Foundations of Math, Senior Math


Alison Smalley

English III, College Preparatory English III, Advanced Placement Literature & Composition, College Preparatory English IV

For all classes: Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. 

Richard Smalley

Chemistry I, Advanced Placement Chemistry, Advanced Placement Physics


Linda Tieman

Advanced Vocal Music/Chamber, Advanced Placement Music Theory, Dual Enrollment Piano/Music Theory, Chorus, Music Appreciation


Julie Wilkinson

Computer I, AP Computer Science Principles, Dual Enrollment Advanced Computers, Digital Technology


Todd Gilliland

Government, Advanced Placement Government, Current Events/Economics




PWHS Mannequin Challenge

By. MaKayla Cooper

Students from Mrs.Wilkinson’s and Mrs. Copley's Digital Technology class recently set up to film the Mannequin Challenge during a basketball pep rally. All of the high school students participated. This video turned out nicely, and everyone cooperated very well with the digital technology students while filming. The video was a success. Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties with uploading the video as it contained errors. We will need to have a second take, so, get your Mannequin Pose ready. Date and time to be determined. The Digital Technology class would like to thank all of the students who participated.

Students posing for video.


Article and photos by Madison Shepherd

On December 2, the annual Mistletoe Ball was held and students were invited to attend the ball. Students dressed semi-formal with music and dancing. The students had to pay $5 admission and proceeds helped fund the Choral Department. Levi Gleim, sophomore, attended the Ball and expressed his experience as enjoyable stating "I had lots of fun and really enjoyed dancing and hanging out with friends." 


High School