Autism Awareness "Wear Blue" Day will be held on Friday, March 31.

Blue Puzzle Piece "Autism Speaks It's time to listen."


Autism Awareness t-shirts, provided through the Southern Ohio Autism Project are available.

The cost of each t-shirt is $13.

An order form is located in the main office of all three campus buildings.

The deadline to order t-shirts is Monday, March 20th

Everyone show your support and wear blue on this day.

Proceeds from t-shirt sales will support the Southern Ohio Autism Project.

 Gray t-shirt example with Blue words about autism on it


Questions? Please contact Andrea Kegley or Joyce Banks at the Elementary School.

Yearbooks are now on sale. The cost is $50 or $55 with a name stamp. Checks may be made payable to PWHS Yearbook. The deadline to order is Friday, May 26
Other yearbook deadlines: senior photos from outside photographer ($25), senior quotes, and senior ads ($100) are due by March 17.




Article and Photos by Madison Cochran


During third semester, some of Mr. Estep's advanced art students have worked on a process known as “Cyanotypes.” To do this, students take an overhead sheet and copy their picture onto it creating a negative. Once the negative is ready two chemicals are combined (ammonium iron (III) citrate and potassium ferricyanide) and “painted” onto their watercolor paper. Once the chemicals are on the paper students lay their overhead images over the chemical and leave it in the sun to expose. After being exposed in the sun the students remove their overhead images and wash the paper in water. Then, it is washed in hydrogen peroxide. Finally the “photo without a camera” is revealed.

Below are photos showing the process.


Congratulations to the PWHS Varsity Cheerleaders! They received the Champion Award in their group and overall Grand Champion at the Arnold Sports Festival held in Columbus, OH on Saturday, March 4. 

Senior cheerleaders holding banners and trophy they won

Senior squad members display the banners and trophy that they helped their team win. These will be proudly displayed at our school. 

cheerleaders perfoming stunt

The amazing fitness and skill of our cheerleaders is evident as they perform this amazing stunt that helped propel them to Grand Champions!

Cheerleaders pose as a group before the competition.

Cheerleaders pose as a group with their squad coaches before the competition.

Jade Ratliff, Miss West 2017

Positively Pink Packages for Patients

My platform is “Positively Pink.” My community service event is “Positively Pink Packages for Patients.”  This event will involve the donations of items that will be assembled into packages for women who have breast cancer who are currently going through chemotherapy and radiation.

This is a list of items that you can donate and there is collection box at the High School front office. A good place to purchase these items are at The Dollar Tree. Other items are also greatly appreciated. All of the donations I receive will be donated to our local cancer center. Thank-you in advance.

   Word search books

Bottled water

Hard candies


Chap stick


Fingernail files



Cross word books

Any breast cancer items

Items that are pink

Granola bars

Color pencils

Mini Bibles


This contest is closed. The top four hashtags will be presented for a vote. 
Thanks to everyone that participated.

Our schools are great, and we need to show it! Create a hashtag our district can use when posting to social media so we can show the community all the great things we are doing. If your hashtag is chosen, you'll be featured on our social media page AND get a prize! Try to come up with a hashtag that will work for our entire district and is easy to remember. Also, try to use "west" in the hashtag. Complete the form below to submit your hashtag. Note: If more than one person gives the same hashtag, we will look at who submitted first to determine the winner. We will accept entries through Thursday, March 9, 2017.


Click ON the picture of Brandon ABOVE to watch the video produced by Kristie Copley and the PWHS Digital Media class.


Then use this link to redirect to google to fill out the form

Click on the orange "Athletics" tab on the left. OR, if you are using your phone or tablet, scroll to the bottom of the page for the orange "Athletics" tab. 

Then select "Spring Sports" to see schedules for:

Boys Tennis

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