The Shawnee Lodge would like to congratulate students for their hard work throughout the school year. Every "A" a student has on their report card the Shawnee Lodge discounts $10 off up to 5 A’s. All you have to do is take your report card to the desk when you check in. You can only have one report card per room. This discount is not valid on some holidays. This offer is not valid with any other discount.

Article by Levi Gleim.

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Ohio’s Options for a High School Diploma

The transition to multiple options for earning a high school diploma is an exciting one for students who will have more flexibility for success in school and preparing for their future after high school. The department is providing the following tools to communicate effectively these options. 

 ODE flyer with graduation requirements information


Please visit the ODE website for more information about Ohio's graduation requirements.


The Portsmouth West boys soccer team played a soccer match in Mapfre Stadium that hosts the Columbus Crew Professional Soccer team. The Senators put up a good challenge against the Waverly Tigers and led the game for awhile. The game ended up being a 2-1 lose but all of the players had a great time getting to play on a professional soccer field. There was a lot of support for the Senators Saturday and we just want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the team! 




On Tuesday, September 28th, Kayleigh Coleman became the first volleyball player in our school history to have 1,000 career assists. Kayleigh has been a varsity setter since her Freshman year, allowing her to accumulate a large amount of assists. A player is awarded an assist whenever that player sets the ball to a teammate who attacks the ball for a kill. The kill results in the team scoring one point. Congratulations Kayleigh! More coverage can be found at the Portsmouth Daily Times, our local newspaper.


From left to right: J.P Igaz, Emily Taylor, Jade Ratliff, & Terra Butcher

The Dual Enrollment Computer Applications class spent the week taking apart a computer, identifying the components and explaining the purpose of each of the computer components. They then created an eye catching display that is also very informative. Take time to check out the display case on the 2nd floor. 

Our Actors and Actresses posing as their normal.


Then we asked them to pose "normal-people" normal. 

Students learned firsthand the consequences of driving under the influence during a mock DUI crash on Thursday, April 14, staged at Portsmouth West High School, located on US HWY 52. This educational program is designed to create a realistic scene showing how alcohol- and drug-related traffic accidents can impact those involved.


This program coincides with

High School