Students in Mrs. Blevins AIR Math class are using an experiment involving ice cream to learn about probability. Students brought in different flavors of ice cream (six total) and 10 different toppings. We listed the sample space (all the possible outcomes) on the board and numbered them so that we could roll dice to determine what flavor of ice cream and topping we would get. We used one six sided dice for the ice cream and a ten sided dice for the toppings. We discussed how we would calculate the probability if we were allowed to get two scoops of ice cream and two toppings. We also discussed how the probability would change if we were able to get the same scoop twice or if we were only allowed to choose one scoop and how we would have to draw from an urn rather than roll dice (with and without replacement).

Each student made their list of what they wanted and we calculated the probability. If order mattered (permutation) and if we were able to get two of the same scoops and the same topping twice, the probability of getting what we chose was one out of 3600 (VERY UNLIKELY!). No one actually rolled all four things that they wanted. We then discussed the law of large numbers and how if we were to conduct this experiment MANY more times, we would eventually get the outcome we want. This refers to how the more times you conduct an experiment, the more likely the experimental probability is to match the theoretical probability.  

Geometry Common Core Standards: HSS-CP.A.1 S.CP.A.1 Describe events as subsets of a sample space (the set of outcomes) using characteristics (or categories) of the outcomes, or as unions, intersections, or complements of other events (“or,” “and,” “not”).

S.CP.A.2 Understand that two events A and B are independent if the probability of A and B occurring together is the product of their probabilities, and use this characterization to determine if they are independent.

S.CP.A.3 Understand the conditional probability of A given B as P(A and B)/P(B), and interpret independence of A and B as saying that the conditional probability of A given B is the same as the probability of A, and the conditional probability of B given A is the same as the probability of B.)


Members of the Beta Club volunteered to assist with the preschoolers field trip to The Complex as they participated in an indoor field day. The "little" kids participated in sack races, rock-paper-scissors competitions, experimented with magnets, and practiced their skills with hula hoops among many more activities while the "big kids" provided guidance, encouragement, and lots of smiles. 

The Grand Master's Student Achievement Award for the Seventh Masonic District was awarded to Senior T. J. Hoggard. T. J. is currently rated first in his graduating class with a 4.0 Grade Point Average. He belongs to the BETA Club and is a three-year member of the high school Quiz Bowl team. He is a member of the Singing Men of West (SMOW) and is the Ohio High School Athletic Association leadership representative for West High School this past year. 

T. J. plays high school soccer, football and track, winning many honors in these sports. He has been recognized for Soccer first team as a senior; Football player of the week his Junior and Senior years and currently holds the school record in the 4 x 400 and 4 x 800 meter relay teams. T. J. will complete his high school athletic career with 10 varsity letters. Described by his teachers as: having a strong work ethic; possesses great character; a leader in the classroom and on the field; does things the right way and does not look for shortcuts or make excuses. 

T. J. attends church at Mabert Road Baptist Church, where he has gone his entire life. 

T. J. comes highly recommended for the Grand Master's Excellence in Youth Award for 2017 from the Seventh Masonic District. 


Article and photo courtesy of Eric Nichols.


February 6 – 10

On Monday dress like your favorite movie character.

Game of Thrones main female character     

picture of The Elf character

Tuesday is Frat Boy Tuesday. Wear your khaki shorts, sweater vests, boat shoes, etc…

Picture of Frat Boys

Wednesday will be Wild. Animal prints galore.

Picture of Animal Print Examples

Thursday is TBT. Pick a decade and dress accordingly.

Picture of various decades of clothing styles

Friday is Spirit day. Everyone show your school pride wearing Orange and Black.

picture of orange shirt with PWHS in black lettering



Article by Jennifer Moorhead


The Portsmouth West High School Mock Trial team will advance to the Regional Mock Trial Competition after winning both its matches against River Valley High School at the district competition Jan. 20. The team is coached by Ms. Jennifer Moorhead with Mr. Jay Willis serving as legal advisor. Eli Cole and Noah Lovins won Outstanding Attorneys awards, while Alec Arnett and Jordan Willis won Outstanding Witnesses awards.

“This group of kids came together and was determined to do well,” said Ms. Moorhead. “They have done all their own work and with this type of preparation, even though they are inexperienced, they became strong. We look forward to advancing our methods and taking it to the next level at Regionals.” 


Team members include the Plaintiffs: Noah Lovins and Emily Funston, attorneys; JP Igaz and Jordan Willis, witnesses; and the Defense: Eli Cole and Abby Riley, attorneys; and Kaitlyn Bell and Alec Arnett, witnesses. Candice Orris serves as bailiff/timekeeper. Photo by Sharee Price

The team would like [...]

Article and photos by Madison Cochran

Recently Portsmouth West High School received the Piketon Atomic Plant (also known as the A-Plant) display that was shown at the Ohio State House. The display is on a 6 week rotation between many chosen schools to encourage students to go into various Science and Engineering fields and the display was brought to our school and set up by Mr. Jeff Pinkerton and Mr. Jason Lovins. The visual display shows students the history of the A-Plant (which was formed after WWII,) why the A-Plant was created, and what they hope it could be used for once the cleanup is complete. 

For more information please visit the A-Plant website below:

Read more for more photos.

Article written and edited by Levi Gleim and Abby Riley

Time Machine Project


Chris Hayslip and Sid Shifflet received Best Overall award for their Time Machine Project. Photo by Levi Gleim

Students in Ms. Edwards General English II classes read the story The Time Machine, a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells published in 1895. The story is about a dreamer obsessed with traveling through time who builds himself a time machine and, much to his surprise, travels over 800,000 years into the future. The world has been transformed with a society living in apparent harmony and bliss, but as the Traveler stays in this world of the future he discovers a hidden barbaric and depraved subterranean class. Wells’s translucent commentary on the capitalist society was an instant bestseller and launched the time-travel genre. ( 2015)

 The following items were available to the students for their time machines: 

  •  1 white paper bag                                
  • 5 pipe cleaners 
  • 1 large transparent cup 
  • 1 small white plastic cup 
  • 1 coffee filter 
  • 1 foil cupcake holder
  • 1 black paper plate
  • 1 medium Translucent cup
  • 1 black plastic coffee stirrer
  • 1 small paperclip
  • 1 straw
  • 1 bag of misc. small items
  • 1 12 inch clearing tubing
  • 1 piece of 3 by 6 Styrofoam
  • 4 toothpicks
  • 2 large green planter stick
  • 1 white paper plate


The following students earned these awards:


Teddy Miller and Hailey Traylor: Best of 5th Period

Sid Shifflet and Chris Hayslip: Best of 1st Period and Best Overall

Brooklyn Blankenship: Best of 7th Period
Chloe Nelson and Camary Cline: Most original

AJ Bradley and Gabe Skaggs: Best use of materials

Cole Staggs and Garrett Hurd: Looks most like a machine

Makenzie Melvin and Savannah Hamilton: Best time traveler



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