The Robotics Club competed in the Mini-Urban Challenge on March 9th. The National High School Robotics Competition is sponsored each year by the Doolittle Institute and Air Force Research Laboratory. The competition is held at Wright State University’s Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. This year, the club received 2nd place in the Presentation Portion of the competition and 4th place overall!

Team members from left Kayla Sammons, Programmer, Jeremy Deaver, Engineering Design, John Stambaugh, Programmer, Eli Cole, Presenter, Nick Crabtree, Team Leader, and Ali Parker-Malone, Presenter.  


Ali Parker- Malone

Eli Cole

Nick Crabtree

Kayla Sammons  

Jeremy Deaver

Jon Stambaugh                                                         

Lead by Mrs. M. Kuhn, Science Teacher


Every year around late March/early April, the robotics teams head to Dayton, Ohio and compete with other schools, hopefully making it to nationals in Tampa, Florida. This year, the teams are using robotC language and is urging every member to learn the language with the goal to make robotics more about team effort. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are, you can join robotics. There are different things to do such as writing in the engineering design notebook, programming, making the power point presentation, and building the robots. we are hoping to “perfect” our program and strive for 1st place at Dayton this year. If everyone puts in their best effort, it should be a good, fun, winning year.

Written and photos by: Ali Parker-Malone




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