On November 7, 2016 seven members of the Portsmouth West Key Club went to the Shawnee Lodge to assist the Garden Club in decorating Christmas trees. The Key Club members were Terra Butcher (senior), Caitlin Russell (senior), Madison Cochran (junior), Eli Cole (junior), Abbie Powell (junior), Jade Ratliff (junior), and Sammy Tatman (junior).


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Pictures By: Carolyn Callihan


Article By: Madison Cochran

Key Club Officers 2016-2017

President- Katelyn York 

Vice President-Bailey Davis

Secretary-  Gracie Evans 

Treasurer- Lindsey Howard 

Some of the Key Club Students gathered to take a picture after a meeting!

May 5th -  Key Club picture during school, bring/wear your key club shirt.

May 5th - Key Club students will guide incoming freshmen on tours of the building.

May 10th - Key Club members will be recognized at Honors Ceremony.

May 10th/12th - Work concession stand and assist in field events at the SOC track meet *NEED WORKERS.

May 20th - Serve senior students breakfast.


**Key club members: Please stop by Mrs. Blevins room and pick up a fundraising brochure.  Orders and money are due May 11th.  The top seller will receive $25.




Brenton Crabtree, Brady Reynolds, Samantha Foster, Erika Howell, Jordan Hileman, and Madison Marasek all joined together at the Friends Community Center throughout the day on Wednesday, April 20th to help raise money for the local Kiwanis Club. Tickets were sold throughout the week for $6 to go and eat all you can eat pancakes from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. tonight. Go and eat your pancakes at the Friends Center in town! 


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Head Sponsor: Leah Blevins
Lieutenant Governor: Eli Cole

2015/2016 Officers
President: Samantha Foster
Vice President: Eli Cole
Secretary: Ericka Howell
Treasurer: Brenton Crabtree

Newly Elected Officers for 2016/2017 school year:
President: Katelyn York
Vice President: Bailey Davis
Treasurer: Lindsey Howard
Secretary: Gracie Evans

Web Master: Molly Taylor






Schylur Evans

Kyle Holsinger

Emily Howard

Kasey Johnson

Katelyn Martin

Isaiah Mullen

Madison Mullins

Haliey Nesser

Dreama Sadler

Molly Taylor*

Kim Tieman

Alexis Vandyke

Haleigh Williams



Drew Cantrell

Eli Cole

Taylor Coleman

Emily Middleton

Fern Musick

Ali Parker-Malone

Abbie Powell

Jade Ratliff

Aiym Sarmanova

Madison Shepherd

Sammy Tatman

Shyanne Zoellner



Makayla Baker

Olivia Berry

Josie Book

Terra Butcher

Kayleigh Coleman

Collin Colley

Bailey Davis

Gracie Evans

Kayleigh Holland

Lindsey Howard

Ally McNeil

Caitlin Russell

Desiree Sadler

Emily Taylor

Haleigh Throckmorton

Madison Williams

Katelyn York



Jody Berry

Jeremy Blount

Brenton Crabtree

Gabbie Dunn

Josh Davis

Jacob Farris

Samantha Foster

Jordan Hileman

Erika Howell

Nathan Kraft

Madison Marasek

Hannah Mayberry

Brady Reynolds  

*class officers

Published by Molly Taylor


Key Club members have fun while helping others. Pictured are Kyle Holsinger and Desiree Sadler.

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