President---Jade Ratliff

Vice President---Abbie Powell

Secretary---Alec Arnett

Treasurer---Eli Cole

 Historians---Madison Cochran

Senior Representative---Madison Compton

Junior Representative---Molly Taylor

Sophomore Representative---Breanna Skaggs 

Directors of Activities---Isaiah Norman, Kim Tieman, and Halee Butcher

Article by Blaine Weaver

Photos by Kristie Copley

The 2016 Portsmouth West Beta Club blood drive was a success by passing the expected 31 liters of blood and receiving 35 liters donated by 41 students on Oct. 17 which is 113% above the original goal. The blood drive was held in the gym to collect donated blood to give blood to people who need it and save lives. With the 35 liters of productive units, 27 whole blood and 8 double red units, the Red Cross is hoping to save 105 lives with the donated units. This blood drive is one of the primary service projects of the Portsmouth West Beta club. The next blood drive will be in Feb. 9 2017. Makayla Cooper says one of the reasons she donated was because "I like helping others and I heard about the blood drive and thought it would be great to donate my blood to help save someones life." 

girl laying on bench after giving blood

Emily Cantrell recuperates after donation.

Beta members sitting at work station

Beta Members Trey Patrick, Katelyn York and Ariel Lewis work the recovery station and assist Austin Baldwin and Chris Dials.

red cross member draws blood from student with beta member along his side

Red Cross staff member and Beta Club member, Jade Ratliff, check on the well-being of student donor Bronson McCall.

Beta Officers 2016

President- Katelyn York 

Vice President- Audrey Stratton 

Treasurer-Abbie Powell

Secretary-Gracie Evans 

Historians- Lindsey Howard & Jade Ratliff 



Any student who has achieved at least a 3.5 cumulative average from freshman year on will be invited to be a member of the PWHS BETA CLUB. Please click on attachments to see Club Members and new Inductees.

Spring 2016 Beta Club Inductees

2015 - 2016 Beta Club Members

Beta Club

Beta Group Picture.jpg

President: Austin Opperman

Vice President: Cody Finley

Secretary: Gracie Evans

Treasurer: Josie Book

Historians: Katelyn York, Lindsey Howard, and Kayleigh Coleman

Ambassador:  Jordan Hileman

State Convention

Click on the attachment below to see all of the activities occurring during BETA Club Week from March 7th to the 11th.

BETA Club Week

2015 Beta Club Officers. 

Front row, L to R, Josie Book, Katelyn York, Gracie Evans, Lindsey Howard, and Kayleigh Coleman. Back row; Cody Finley and Austin Opperman.

Sponsored by Mr. Richard Smalley & Mrs. Alison Smalley.

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