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Mar 28th & 29th


11th grade students

April 4th


ELA 1 Students and Retakes

April 5th


ELA 2 Students and Retakes

April 6th & 7th

Make-up ELA 1 & 2

ELA 1 & 2 students that were absent

April 10th

AIR EOC Government

Government students

April 11th

Air American History

American History Students

April 19th

AIR EOC Make-up Government

Gov’t students that were absent

April 24th

AIR EOC Biology

Biology students & retakes

April 25th

AIR EOC Algebra

Algebra I students & retakes

April 26th

AIR EOC Geometry

Geometry students & retakes

April 27th & 28th

AIR EOC All Subjects

Make-up & retake students

May 1st

AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry students

May 2nd

AP Physics

AP Physics students

May 2nd & 3rd

Family & Consumber Science

FCS students

May 3rd

AP Literature

AP Literature students

May 4th

AP Government

AP Government students

May 5th AM

AP U.S. History

AP U.S. History students

May 5th PM

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Computer Science Principles students

May 8th

AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory students

May 11th

AP World History

AP World History students

May 19th & 22nd

Senior Finals

Schedule TBA

May 24th - 26th

Student Finals

Schedule TBA

 SLO Tests should be administered prior to April 12th


One of the chief goals of the Washington-Nile School District is to develop the talents of each student to the fullest extent possible. West offers a variety of subjects and we encourage students to challenge themselves and make the most of the possibilities offered at Portsmouth West High School. 

The information provided in this REGISTRATION GUIDE  has been prepared to assist students in choosing their course of study in high school. It is provided so that they may study it carefully and make choices that will have a lasting effect upon their lives. Parents are also encouraged to consult with their child(ren), the guidance counselors and other members of the school staff about this process.



Click HERE for the 2016-2017 Registration Guide

We are happy to publicize the College Credit Plus Program at Portsmouth West Middle and High Schools.

Open this Letter of Intent Form, print, fill out and return to the guidance office by March 10, 2016. You may also pick up a copy of the form from the guidance office.

Ohio’s  College Credit Plus can help students earn college and high school credits simultaneously by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. There will be no student costs associated with successfully completing a course(s) from a public college or university.

Letter of Intent to apply for CCP due to guidance office by March 10th.

Applications (after submitting the Letter of Intent) are due by April 1st.

Thank you for your continued support of our schools. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our guidance office at 740-858-1103 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may also access more info by viewing this attached .pdf brochure College Credit Plus Brochure or by going to the College Credit Plus website at


CCP Informational Nights Schedule for Shawnee State University. 

If a student cannot attend their school’s event, then they may attend at a neighboring school.  In addition, we will be hosting a final informational meeting at Shawnee on March 23rd for any students who are interested but could not attend the night at their home school.

For more information, see Mr. Scott Conrad, School Counselor or contact the College at the provided info below.
Glenna Heckler-Todt, M.A., Cert. Dev. Ed. Specialist
Advising and Academic Resources Director
Student Success Center
Shawnee State University


Shawnee State University

Spring 2016 CCP Informational Night Schedule

Jan. 26

North Adams 6pm

Jan. 26

Waverly-Pike Christian 6pm

Jan. 27

Manchester 6pm

Feb. 3

Green 6pm

Feb. 4

Notre Dame 6pm

Feb. 10

Peebles 6pm

Feb. 11

West  6pm

Feb. 17

Waverly joint with Piketon at Waverly

Feb. 17

Ohio Connections Academy online 7pm

Feb. 23

Symmes Valley 5pm

Feb. 23

Wheelersburg 6pm

Feb. 24

Northwest  6pm

Feb. 24

Valley 6pm


South Webster 6pm


Portsmouth 6pm


Glennwood with East 6pm


Jackson High School 6pm


Minford 6pm


Shawnee 6:30pm

Know! Take a Bite Out of Eating Disorders

February 21 – 27 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, an annual campaign to bring attention to the critical needs of people with eating disorders.
Among the many pressures teens face in their young lives, there is the pressure to look fit and trim. Going through adolescence is difficult enough with all the changes the body and brain are experiencing. Throw in there the pressure to look a certain way during all that growing and developing, and it is no wonder why an approximate half million teens severely struggle with weight and body image issues.
Most teens are at least somewhat self-conscious about their appearance, but it is when a child becomes obsessed with body image, weight loss, dieting and control of food that an eating disorder may be developing.
There are many types of eating disorders including anorexia (selfstarvation), bulimia (binging and purging), and binge eating (eating large amounts of food without behaviors to prevent weight gain).
The first step towards prevention is education. Take a look at the following Myths vs. Facts:

High School