Students learned firsthand the consequences of driving under the influence during a mock DUI crash on Thursday, April 14, staged at Portsmouth West High School, located on US HWY 52. This educational program is designed to create a realistic scene showing how alcohol- and drug-related traffic accidents can impact those involved.


This program coincides with

prom season, to serve as a sobering reminder for teens to consider the implications of their actions. 

Thanks to the following volunteers for their time who made all of this possible; Washington Township and Nile Township Fire and Rescue EMS; the Ohio Highway Patrol; the Scioto County Sheriff's Office; Air Evac Helicopter Rescue; Washington-Nile Local School District; PWHS Staff, Parents and Students; Roger W. Davis Funeral Home and Journey's Auto Parts for the donation of the vehicles.

The vehicles at impact.


Emergency Personnel Stand-by as Fire and Rescue use the Jaws of Life to pry open the vehicle to get to the injured.


Doors were removed and Jaws of Life were utilized.


Windows are smashed to for rescuers to be able to help more efficiently.


The unconscious driver is still alive and precautionary measures are taken to help keep him that way.


The sheriffs department hauls the intoxicated driver to jail. 


 First Responders attend to the injured passenger as the deceased person lay motionless.  Air Evac was called in to assist and transport seriously injured victims.

Roger W. Davis Funeral Home transporting the deceased person.


Thankfully this was all just a demonstration and that all parties involved with the rescue and clean-up are fully knowledgeable in their jobs in case a tragedy were to really occur.


Photos by Joe Shupert Photography and student Wes Robinson, junior.

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