Mrs. Pauley will be sending home the OAGC and SCOESC Gifted Scholarship Applications to our gifted students this week. The OAGC Scholarship deadline is 2/15/19 and the SCOESC Scholarship deadline is 3/15/19.

 The Ohio Association for Gifted Children and the Gifted Services Department of the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center offers scholarships to students currently enrolled in grades 5 through 11 who have been identified as Gifted (through Ohio Dept. of Education approved assessment) to attend Summer Enrichment Programs. The SCOESC does not offer our own Enrichment Programs, but rather help students with the costs of attending their own chosen Enrichment Program.

The costs of Summer Enrichment Programs can vary a great deal. In the summer of 2018, the lowest cost of a program attended by one of our students was $175 and the highest cost was $6,130. The amounts they award will fluctuate from year to year according to the amount of money available from sponsors and the number of students who apply for the scholarships. Generally speaking, the ESC will award up to $500 for elementary students (grades 5 & 6), up to $1,000 for junior high students (grades 7 & 8), and up to $1,500 for high school students (grades 9-11).

In order to be eligible for scholarships, students must apply to both the ESC and to the Ohio Association for Gifted Children (OAGC). The application process requires a good bit of paperwork. In order for parents to better understand this process we will be holding an informational meeting this Friday at 2:40 pm to explain the procedures involved in applying for one of our scholarships.


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