Second grade classes took a trip to explore Carter Caves this fall. Students studied about caves and the animals, plant life, and the different formations for several weeks before the trip. They choose a topic relating to Cave life, researched and wrote a report. Students also created cave diorama's and displayed them along the hallway. Second grade teachers transformed part of the hallway into a cave, complete with stalactites, stalagmites, bats, webs. Go to 2nd Grade Snapshots Gallery to view more photos of Carter Caves Trip.


The wonderful smell of pumpkin filled the second grade hallway in November when students made pumpkin bread. The bake-a-thon reinforced classroom lessons including: math and measurement; reading and following directions; and working together as a team. Go to 2nd Grade Snapshots Gallery to view more pumpkin bread day photos.



Kindergarten and First grade students visited the Pumpkin Patch this past October. It was a warm, breezy day filled with sunshine, laughter, squeals and giggles. Go to 1st Grade Snapshots Gallery to view more photos from the Pumpkin Patch!


Kindergarten enjoy the Pumpkin Patch pictured below. Go to Kindergarten Snapshots Gallery to view more Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch fun!




"Deck the Halls" for PTC was a huge success in December raising $1087.76 for the PTC to help support student activities during the school year. Teachers, students, and staff decorated throughout the building, creating a beautiful and festive atmosphere for all. Each grade level choose a holiday theme and decorated hallways with all sorts of merry scenes. Parents, families and the community toured the building each evening when coming to watch student Christmas programs and voted by donating whatever amount they wanted to pick their favorite themed hallway. Grades K-4 participated in the contest and Kindergarten won receiving the most votes (money) and were treated to a Rockin' Reindeer Party in the gym hosted by Mrs. Keaton. Themes included: 1st Grade, The North Pole; 2nd Grade, The Polar Express; 3rd Grade, Gingerbread Land; 4th Grade, Holiday Songs. 

4th Grade Holiday Music, Mrs. Wheeler and Mr.Rice, "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch".


On December 15/15 Mrs. Morgan's and Mrs. Raines' fourth grade classes hosted Pay to Play for Reindeer Day for students at the elementary building. The day was a success raising $660.00 to help provide for the needs of  Vaughn Salisbury. Thank you to those who donated and/or worked to help make the day a success! To view more Pay to Play for Reindeer photos go to Elementary Holiday Album.

Kindergarten students making reindeer food at the Pay to Play for Reindeer Day.

Elementary students wrote letters to Santa in support of Macy's 'Believe' Campaign that benefits the Make a Wish Foundation. For each letter Macy's receives, a dollar is donated to Make a Wish. 



School Resumes January 3, 2017

Home & School Connection Newsletter

Home & School Connection is a newsletter offering tips and advice in helping children and families work together to achieve a successful school year.

 School & Home Connection, September, 2016

One-to-One Program Complete

This school year all elementary students have access to their own technology device for use during the school day. Kindergarten and 1st grade students will use IPads; 2nd-4th grades have Chromebooks. Please read the 'Acceptable Use' and 'One-to-One' Policies and go over the proper use and care of the devices with your child. Students and staff are excited to use their new devices to learn, explore, and discover!

1st & 2nd Grades Now Switching Classes Each Day

This is the first year grades 1 & 2 will have two teachers during the school day. Students will spend morning class periods with their homeroom teacher studying either Language Arts/Social Studies, or Math/Science. In the afternoon they will go to another classroom for that period's subjects. Student homeroom teachers are the primary contact for your child. See grade level pages for each grade's daily schedule.

New Reading Series: ReadyGEN

The elementary is using a new reading series for grades K-4. Grade/class spelling assignments now focus on spelling patterns instead of word lists each week. Students will get spelling practice guides each week and have spelling inventories administered periodically to assess skills. 

Free Breakfast Every Morning

The Elementary offers FREE Breakfast to all students that arrive on time each morning. 2nd-4th grade students considering breakfast, should go directly to the cafeteria before entering the gym. We encourage students to start their day off great, enjoying breakfast with their friends and classmates. 


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