Teachers, Aides, and parents accompanied kindergarten students to visit the Pumpkin Patch. Everyone had a great time enjoying a hayride, zip line, corn crib, maze and other fun activities. Go to Kindergarten Snapshots Gallery below to view more photos of the our Pumpkin Patch visit!

L-R: Janice Elrod, Kim Coleman, Instructional Aides; Sheree McGraw, Marcy Augustin, Cindy Pertuset, Teachers; Kima Lauder, Instructional Aide; Lisa Belcher, Sandy Simon, Karla Coleman, Teachers.



8:00-8:55 Students arrive, eat breakfast, dismissed to classrooms

9:00-11:40 Calendar & Alphabet Activities, Language Arts, Intervention/Enrichment 

11:40-12:20  Lunch & Recess

12:20-1:30 Classwork & Centers

1:30-2:05 Specials (PE, Music, Library, Art, Math Lab)

2:05-2:30 Kindergarten Recess

2:30-2:55 Snack & Prepare for Dismissal




Calendar of Events

A calendar with special events will be sent each month. we hope to keep you informed of school activities in this way. Please keep this on hand to refer to. Let's have a very successful school year.

Color Days

We will be having "Color Days". Please join in the fun. Your child may wear or bring something that is the color for that day. For example, wear a red shirt or bring a read apple on red day.  Every Friday will be a "School Spirit" day. Your child may wear school/West t-shirts or school-color clothing/shoes (black, orange, white). Have fun!!!

Letter of the Week

The calendar will also tell the letters of the week. The letters are studied as part of our reading series in order to build word practice. We will begin on September 12th. We will be working on the letter all week using reading and writing activities.


Physical Education

Once a week on Mondays, we have gym class. Please dress your child in tennis shoes and appropriate clothing. Girls should not wear dresses or skirts unless they have shorts underneath. The school nurse has also asked that children wear sandals with straps, no flip-flops.


We could use the following items in our classrooms and all donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Antibacterial wipes and baby wipes; Paper towels; Ketchup (for lunchtime fries, nuggets, etc); Paper and/or foam plates; Snack, quart and gallon size baggies; Styrofoam cups.



Marcy Augustin


Karla Coleman


Sheree McGraw


*Graduate of Notre Dame High School
*Received a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from The Shawnee State
*Graduate of Glenwood High School
*Earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Ohio University
*Received a Master's Degree from Ohio University
*Graduate of Valley High School
*Received a Bachelor's Degree from Ohio University in Education

Lisa Belcher


Cinda Pertuset


Sandy Simon


* Graduate of Notre Dame High School
* Attended Shawnee State and Ohio University earning a Bachelor of Science in Education
* Earned a Master of Science in Human and Consumer Sciences from Ohio University
* Graduate of Northwest High School
* Attended Miami University, The Ohio State University, and Shawnee State University and received a bachelor's degree in English Humanities with K-8 licensure
* Earned a Master's degree in Literacy K-6 from Walden University
* Graduate of Northwest High School
* Earned a Bachelor of Science degreecum laude in Early Childhood Education Pre K-3 from Shawnee State University


Elementary School