Second grade classes took a trip to explore Carter Caves this fall. Students studied about caves and the animals, plant life, and the different formations for several weeks before the trip. They choose a topic relating to Cave life, researched and wrote a report. Students also created cave diorama's and displayed them along the hallway. Second grade teachers transformed part of the hallway into a cave, complete with stalactites, stalagmites, bats, webs. Go to Snapshots Gallery below to view more photos of Carter Caves Trip.


The wonderful smell of pumpkin filled the second grade hallway in November when students made pumpkin bread. The bake-a-thon reinforced classroom lessons including: math and measurement; reading and following directions; and working together as a team. Go to Snapshots Gallery below to view more pumpkin bread day photos.



Class Schedule

8:00-8:55 Students arrive; eat breakfast and wait for dismissal to rooms

8:55 Class Day Begins

9:00-9:40 Intervention Block

9:45-11:00 Morning Class time

11:10-11:45 Lunch and Recess

12:05-12:40 Specials (Art, Music, Library, Computer lab, PE)

12:45-2:55 Afternoon Class time

2:55 Get ready for Dismissal and Bus Time

Students switch classes and will have two teachers this year. 

Homework assignments will be written in student planners each evening. It is important to your child that you look at his/her planner (or binder) each evening. Thank you!

Free Educational Resource Websites

Free Educational Web Resources provides a list of free education websites that provide lessons, supplements, videos, slides, resources, and other useful tools for teacher, parents, and students. Students are familiar and have accounts set up with some of these sites. Check grade level for specific websites used in their classrooms. offers free keyboarding lessons, including home, top, bottom row lessons, games, timed testing. All 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grade students have student accounts already set up for this application. We encourage the students to log into their accounts and practice keyboarding. Many assessments/tests are computer exams requiring students to type their answers. The more confident they are at the keyboard, the easier to express themselves, the greater their success. 

New K-8 "ReadyGEN" Reading Series; New Spelling Focus

We will be doing spelling differently this year to align with our new reading series "ReadyGEN". It is recommended that we study spelling patterns instead of word lists each week. Students will get spelling study guides with practice pages each week. Students will periodically be given spelling inventories to see what patterns or skills they have mastered or are still struggling with. 

Spelling Patterns We Are Working On:

Short Vowel: a-apple, e-egg, i-igloo, o-ostrich, u-umbrella.

Words with: ck, ng, nk (ink, junk, lock, sing).

Words with soft g (says j) and c (says s): pace, page, race, huge.

Word with long vowels spelling with silent e:

Example Words with these patterns: pal, fang, ink, lip, lot, lock, rub, junk, peck, red, pace, line, page, cube, pose, wide, tape, cage, nice, rake.


Indicators or Skills Focus for September: Language Arts & Social Studies

Reading-Literary text features: Title, Table of Contents, Index, Glossary, Heading, Captions, Labels.

Spelling: Short vowels & long vowels.

Writing/Grammar: Complete sentences, narratives.

Social Studies: Rules, Citizenship, Communities

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