2nd Grade 2017-18 Blizzard Bag #1

   2nd Grade 2017-18 Blizzard Bag #2

  2nd Grade 2017-18 Blizzard Bag #3

Blizzard bags need to be completed and turned in no later than 2 weeks after assigned.

Students are encouraged to continue practicing Math and Reading on their devices at home.

Math Practice

Zearn Math Practice Free home access

Reading Practice

Reading Bear Phonics Practice Free home access, no log-in required.


Second grade classes took a trip to explore Carter Caves this fall. Students studied about caves and the animals, plant life, and the different formations for several weeks before the trip. They choose a topic relating to Cave life, researched and wrote a report. Students also created cave diorama's and displayed them along the hallway. Second grade teachers transformed part of the hallway into a cave, complete with stalactites, stalagmites, bats, webs. Go to Snapshots Gallery below to view more photos of Carter Caves Trip.


The wonderful smell of pumpkin filled the second grade hallway in November when students made pumpkin bread. The bake-a-thon reinforced classroom lessons including: math and measurement; reading and following directions; and working together as a team. Go to Snapshots Gallery below to view more pumpkin bread day photos.



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