1st Grade 2017-18 Blizzard Bag #1

   1st Grade 2017-18 Blizzard Bag #2

   1st Grade 2017-18 Blizzard Bag #3


Students are also encouraged to continue practicing Math and Language Art skills on their devices (computer, laptop, tablets, ipads).

Math Practice: Link below takes students to their log-in page, free home access.

Zearn Math

Language Arts: Link below allow free home access, no login necessary. 

Reading Bear Phonics Practice  

Starfall Reading & Math Practice


First grade students visited the Pumpkin Patch this past October. It was a warm, breezy day filled with sunshine, laughter, squeals and giggles. For more Pumpkin Patch photos, view the First Grade Snapshots Gallery.



“In classrooms across America the development of sight word recognition continues to be a top priority when instructing emerging and beginning readers.” TeachStix


What Are Sight Words?

Sight Words (high-frequency, core words) are the words that are used most often in reading and writing.

Why Are Sight Words Important?

Sight words are very important for your child to master because “sight words account for up to 75% of the words used in beginning printed children’s materials”,  ( Study to Identify High Frequency Word in Printed Materials, by DJ Kear & MA Gladheart).

There are different sight words for every grade level. Each set of words builds upon the other, meaning that once your child learns the Sight Words in Kindergarten, he will be expected to still recognize those words as he learns new words in first grade, and so forth.

Many of the over 200 Sight Words do not follow the basic principles, thus they cannot be “sounded out”. Beginning readers need an effective strategy for decoding unknown words, and knowing sight words is an effective method. (Speech Buddy)



Free Educational Web Resources

Free Educational Web Resources provides a list of free education websites that provides lesson plans, supplements, videos, worksheets, games, and other useful tools for teachers, parents, and students. Students are familiar with some of these applications and have accounts set up. Check grade level for specific websites used in their classrooms.



Kristina Bradford
  • *Graduate of Portsmouth West High School
  • *Earned a Bachelor's of Science in Early Childhood Education from Shawnee State University

*Graduate of Portsmouth West High School

  • *Earned a Bachelor's Degree from Shawnee State University in English Humanities, Elementary Education 1-8
    *Received a Master's Degree in Reading & Literacy K-6 from Walden University

 *Graduate of Wheelersburg High School

*Earned a Bachelor's Degree from Shawnee State University in Early Childhood Education

*Earned a Master's Degree in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment from Walden University. 



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