Mrs. Jarrels reads to Mrs. Banks' Class

Mrs. Banks' 1st grade class have been enjoying 'Guest Readers' coming into their classroom to share a story with them. Throughout the school year they have invited older students, teachers, parents, grandparents, and community members to come read a book, share a snack, and enjoy discussing the book of the day. Connecting students with readers as role models is a win-win for everyone!

Mrs. Banks and her students would like to invite you to come join them as a Guest Reader. Between 10 am - 11 am or 2 pm - 3 pm is the best times, however, they are willing rearrange their schedule to suit anytime you may be available to come for a good read. Give Mrs. Banks a call and set a time for you to come inspire, encourage, and enlighten PWES students in the joy of reading!

Elementary School