The Morning Mile is a before school walking/running program designed to let students begin each day in an active, healthy and fun way. Mrs. Kim Keaton, elementary PE teacher, is the first teacher in Ohio to initiate the program. 

The program will run the entire school year, Mon-Fri mornings, 8:00 am to 8:30 am. Mrs. Keaton and parent volunteers staff the program as students attempt to complete as many laps as they are comfortable with each morning. Laps are totaled and students are rewarded as they accumulate miles. The program provides many benefits for all the participants including: fighting childhood obesity; expending youthful energy, reducing in-class fidgets and increasing focus; provides the opportunity to meet other PWE students; builds confidence and a sense of achievement. 

 Students walking/running the 1/4 mile track on the elementary play field. Laps are taken in the gym during inclement weather.

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TIME/DAYS: 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM, Mon-Tues, Year-round

PROGRAM & RECOGNITION: Laps are totaled and students receive: at 5 total miles, necklace with one sneaker charm & receive a new charm for each 5 miles completed; a number '100' charm for every 100 miles they complete.

STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO: Eat breakfast each morning; wear their Morning Mile achievement necklaces to school; any students arriving before the first bell are encouraged to participate, even if they can only complete 1 lap. 

PARENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO: Join In!! Come join your child in getting a healthy, active start to your mornings!


Contact Mrs. Keaton at 858-1116





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