To Parents of drop-off/picked-up students. Please read the following carefully. These are important guidelines to follow regarding the safety of your child.

1. Please have your children ready when you pull up to the curb. Pull forward as far as possible and let your children enter from the sidewalk side of the car. Multiple cars can let students off at same time.

2. Students dropped off before 8:15 or after 8:50 need to be let out on the sidewalk side of the car at the corner nearest the main office and they will enter through the main office doors.

2. Please, unless you have a handicap permit,  DO NOT park in handicap parking spaces.

3. Please, DO NOT drop your children off in the middle of the parking spaces and have them walk through traffic.

4. If you are coming into the building with your child, please park in a designated parking space, NOT in the drop-off lane.

5. Please, DO NOT block the small lot by the cafeteria entrance door (door #9).

6. Please, DO NOT park in the Bus lot.

7. Please, Remember, children are NOT to walk to cars without a parent escort.

Most Importantly! Please remember to be patient and considerate of others.

Thank you for your cooperation in making morning arrivals and afternoon dismissals a safe and secure environment for all West Elementary students.


Elementary School