On November 11th the West baseball team visited cemeteries throughout Washington and Nile Townships, placing flags on the graves of the brave men and women who have served our country. Mr. Chris Rapp and the team do this each Veterans Day, honoring and remembering the sacrifices made by both soldier and family. A big salute to Mr. Rapp and our awesome team for their dedication and service to our veterans, school, and community!

LT Maynard honors his grandfather.

The fourth grade class formally retired the old flags collected by the baseball team on Veterans Day. In accordance with proper disposal of the American Flag, the students carefully cut the individual stripes of all the flags. The stripes and stars were then placed in a box for burial. A procession from the building to the far corner of the elementary field, reverently carried the flags. Mr. Rapp and Mr. Larry Rice, a veteran, both spoke about the meaning of the flag,it's importance to our country and the people. Several students participated, sharing what the flag meant to them and read a poem. Addison Guilliams, 9th grade, played taps for the ceremony as students said the Pledge in final respect to the retired flags. It was a moving ceremony for all present. 

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Early Access to Success in Education (EASE), is a parent-child program that brings together parents, teachers, and students in developing good practices for success in reading. Involving families is a major focus of the Project EASE program. The activities are designed to share ideas for boosting literacy development at home. Mrs. Andrea Kegley, Kindergarten teachers, and Key Club students invite students and families to the elementary five times a year to participate in the enjoyable evening. Key Club members provide a Kiddie Care for younger children and pizza and drinks are served to all. 

Parents, Students, and Teachers at the September 20, 2016 Project Ease "Cracking the Code"






The annual Veterans Day Celebration was held at the high school gymnasium Wednesday with Dr. Patric Leedom the guest speaker. Dr. Leedom is a United States Navy Veteran and a professor in the School of Education at Shawnee State University. Dr. Leedom shared America's war history, guiding the audience from our first fight for freedom in the American Revolution to present day. He also shared his experiences during the Korean War while serving aboard a submarine, and the time that they remained submerged for sixty-four days.

Dr. Patrick Leedom preparing to speak to the audience.

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