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I want to welcome everyone back for the 2016-2017 school year. Our staff has worked very hard preparing for a great start. We work daily to be a productive school district our community can be proud of. We focus on doing what is best for our students and work to prepare them for success. It takes all of us working together to reach our goals and expectations for a productive school year.

 Go Senators!

Mr. Jeff Stricklett


Washington-Nile Local School District



Students entering 7th grade and students entering 12th grade for the 2017-18 school year must receive additional immunization(s) PRIOR to the beginning of the school year in August 2017. Seventh grade students must receive a booster immunization of Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Tdap) AND a Meningococcal (meningitis prevention) immunization. Twelfth grade students must receive the Meningococcal immunization.

This includes students attending SCCTC. Proof of such must be received at the middle or high school prior to the start of school in August.

Sarah Betten

School Nurse

740 858-3867

Several Elementary students were treated to a new pair of tennis shoes in February. Life Point Church of Portsmouth provided new shoes to about sixty students as part of their school outreach program.  The program was conceived to provide help with Portsmouth City Schools originally, however church members raised so much money they have been able to reach out to other schools in the county. Scioto Shoe Mart works with Life Point in sizing and getting the shoes to the students. Two weeks before students received their shoes, Scioto Shoe Mart came and measured all the children's feet to assure proper sizing. On February 8th about fifteen Life Point members brought new shoes to give the children. Scioto Shoe Mart also provided two pairs of socks for each child. 

Portsmouth West Elementary would like give a big Thank You to Life Point Church and Scioto Shoe Mart for their kindness. Your generosity brought much joy and excitement to students and staff alike. Thank You!


Mr. Kevin Downey's third grade Social Studies classes recently worked with 'The Broken Need a Healing' in distributing toiletry supply bags to those in our community experiencing homelessness or are in need.

"The kids made forty kits of toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and toothbrushes to give to those in need within our community. The Community Service Project came out of both of my Social Studies classes as we discussed and brainstormed what we could do to help those less fortunate than ourselves. That's when the idea of making ziploc baggie kits came about. We started collecting the items for approximately one month before we started making the kits. Items were donated by families and local businesses helped with toothpaste and toothbrush donations. Each class took one afternoon to make forty kits and then they were boxed up and sent to a representative of The Broken Need a Healing organization, a non-profit that helps the under-served in Scioto County."

"We have such giving kids in our community and I'm so proud of them! I would like to thank their parents, too. Teamwork made it all possible. Our plan is to continue to make the kits until the end of the school year or until we run out of items."

Thank you Mr. Downey and students, leaders in our school and our community.

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Steven's Power Pack Club distributes nutritional food packs each Friday to elementary age students at PWES and other school districts across Scioto County. The club is part of the Steven A Hunter Hope Fund, established in 2006 in memory of Steven A Hunter. The mission of the Hope Fund is to "improve the lives of economically disadvantaged children in Scioto and surrounding counties by supplying basic needs and opportunities and fostering hope for their future. Our primary focus is childhood hunger and it is addressed through Steven's Power Pack Program, providing food for the weekend for elementary aged school children with financial needs." 


Fourth grade students at PWES assist every Friday in calling about sixty elementary students to the Power Pack room and load the packs into each one's backpack along with wishes for a great day. 

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Mrs. Davis second grade class found a big surprise this past fall when they first entered their new classroom. Instead of chairs, they had large yellow bouncing balls at each of their desks. In looking for something new to enhance classroom experience, Mrs. Davis began researching various ideas and discovered the use of stability balls. She then presented the information to Southern Ohio Medical Center and received a grant to purchase the balls for her classroom. 

Studies have shown the balls give students a way to burn energy that can interfere with learning. The constant movements and balance required in sitting on the balls allow students to stay alert and focus on the task at hand. Directing kinesthetic energy and the need for movement in a positive way, the repeated process of bouncing opens neurological pathways permitting a better flow of information to the brain. In her research, Mrs. Davis found studies that have demonstrated up to a 20% improvement in test scores. 

Mrs. Davis has received many positive comments from students and parents alike about the change. Students that found school boring, now come home excited and are ready to return each day eager to be in the classroom learning new and wonderful things. At this time two additional second grade classrooms have replaced traditional seating with stability balls. Kudos to Mrs. Davis in bringing a bounce to learning!


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