Thanks to Rhett Estep, Gary Jenkins, and Bryson Hall the PW soccer field flagpole now has beautiful flowers around it. Great job boys and many thanks!


Mrs. Morgan's 4th grade classes and students in K-5th grade are partnering with Scioto County RSVP and COMPASS Community Health for the annual food drive to benefit local military veterans. Non-perishable food items may be dropped-off at the elementary, middle, or high school buildings until November 7th. Items will be delivered on November 11th. 

Support our local military veterans!

I want to welcome everyone back for the 2017-2018 school year. I look forward to working with our school community. It takes all of us working together to reach our goals during the year.

 House Bill (HB) 410: New Attendance Law

 Each parent or guardian will be receiving a letter to HB410. If you have any questions, please contact your building principal.

 In December 2016, the General Assembly passed HB 410 changing the student attendance laws and redefining excessive absence and truancy beginning in the 2017-2018 school year. The WNLSD is amending and adopting policies that are required by this change in law.

 The definition of a “habitual truant” student is as follows:

  • Absent 30 or more consecutive hours without a legitimate excuse;

  • Absent 42 or more hours in one school month without a legitimate excuse;

  • Absent 72 or more hours in one school year without legitimate excuse.

 Students that are deemed “habitually truant” under any of these circumstances will be reported to the attendance officer. The attendance officer is required to contact the parent regarding a time and a date for an Absence Intervention Team (AIT) meeting which the parent is required to attend. The AIT will develop an absence intervention plan that will be monitored and evaluated. If the student and parent fail to meet the requirements of the plan, the attendance officer will file a complaint in juvenile court.

 The definition of an “excessive absence” student is as follows:

  • Absent 38 or more hours in one school month with or without a legitimate excuse

  • Absent 65 or more hours in one school year with or without a legitimate excuse

 The parents of students that are deemed “excessive absent” in either of these circumstances will be notified by the school attendance officer. There is no further action required of the parent unless the student’s absences continue.

 The District will continue to update your regarding changes to our student attendance policies. Specific building level details will be given to you in written form as an addendum to the school handbook. The most important point to remember is regular school attendance is very crucial to your child’s education. Consistent, all-day-every-day attendance from the beginning bell to the ending bell should be your child’s practice in order to maximize their achievement.  


 Jeff Stricklett


Students enrolling in Washington-Nile LSD for the 2017-18 school year that have Type 1 Diabetes must provide new doctor's orders to the school prior to attending the school year. Students must also provide all supplies required before they will be able to attend classes. This includes: glucometer, meter strips, insulin, glucophage, syringes/needle tips, insulin pump supplies if applicable, alcohol swabs, low supplies-glucose tablets, juices, starburst, skittles, fruit snacks, or any other item the parent chooses to send. The "kit" must stay in the nurses office. This is a state law requirement for the safety of your child. See your child's doctor for the new order to provide the school. Both the doctor's order and the "diabetes kit" must be turned into the school nurse before the student will be permitted to attend classes in the 2017-18 school year. 

The 2016-2017 school year is coming to an end. I want to thank everyone for their time, support, and efforts during the school year. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer break.
Students will return to school on Wednesday, August 16th. If you have an questions over break please contact your building office.
Thank you!
Mr. Stricklett

Beta Club sponsors blood drive, collecting 35 liters which could potentially save up to 104 lives.

Service Learning was introduced to education curriculum in the late 1990s. An integral part of today’s education, Service Learning courses and service oriented organizations assist youth in learning they can make positive changes in themselves, and in their school, community, and society.

Elementary students are first introduced to activities designed to build a foundation for learning to be responsible : Kindness, respect, compassion, fairness, honesty and responsibility are concepts and character ideals introduced and practiced.

Students in middle school focus towards improving the community.  Organizational and leadership skills are reinforced through teamwork as they develop, organize, and perform a variety of community services.

A focus on learning to solve societal problems propels high school students towards innovative thinking. Asking them to apply classroom lessons to real-world problems and issues, and then seek what is the root of the issue or problem, how they can effect a positive change.

Each and every day it is possible to find an example of West students and staff exhibiting the ideals and character required to be positive, active citizens within the school and local community.

Fourth grade students hold "Reindeer Games" and raised money for Vaughn Salisbury.


Mr. Billie Jewett waited 70 years before receiving his diploma from what was then Washington Township High School. Mr. Jewett joined the United States Marine Corp and went off to fight in World War II before his graduation, never getting the opportunity to get his diploma. This past September Mr. Stricklett presented Mr. Jewett with the long-awaited honor. Thank you Mr.Billie Jewett for your service and dedication to our country and our community!