Bus # 104

MS, HS, and Elementary for Lett Terrace, Coles Park, Valley View, Rt. 73/104 between Lett Terrace and four lane split.

A.M. for MS & HS

Lett Terrace 7:00-7:05; Coles Park 7:07-7:15; Valley View & 73/104, 7:18-7:25.

P.M. for MS & HS

Valley View 3:00; Coles Park 3:15; Lett Terrace 3:25.

A.M. for Elementary

Lett Terrace 8:05-8:11; Coles Park 8:13-8:17; Valley View 8:23-8:30.

P.M. for Elementary

Valley View 3:52-3:58; Coles Park 4:05-4:10; Lett Terrace 4:15



Bus # 107

For Junior High and High School - Upper Twin Creek and lower section of Rt. 52  First pickup on Upper Twin Creek Road 6:50, Upper Twin at Rt.52 7:00, Lower Twin Creek Road 7:05, Buena Vista 7:10,  U. S. 52 to Tipton Lane 7:30, Wamsley Lane – 7:37,  Ziegler Lane – 7:40, Burts/Jane Lane – 7:42, Nile Lane – 7:47 

S.O.A. and High School and Middle School C.A.P.E. transfer a.m.      

Drop off   Upper Twin Creek 3:30, Lower Twin Creek 3:40 Buena Vista 3:45, U.S. 52 to Tipton Lane 3:15, Wamsley 3:18, Ziegler Lane 3:09, Burts/Jane Lane 3:05, Nile Lane 3:01



 Bus #2031

MS, HS, and Elementary for Dry Run Area

A.M. Route for MS & HS

Dry Run 6:40; Coleman Road 6:50; Dry Run Pond Creek 6:55; Wolfe Run 7:05; Central Ave. 7:15; Shepherds Fork Road 7:25.

P.M. Route for MS & HS

Dry Run 3:00; Wolfe Run 3:15; Central Ave. 3:18; Coleman Road 3:28; Dry Run Pond Creek 3:33; Shepherd Fork 3:45.

A.M. Route for Elementary

Dry Run 7:50; Coleman Road 8:00; Dry Run Pond Creek 8:05; Wolfe Run 8:20; Central Ave. 8:25; Shepherd's Fork 8:34.

P.M. Route for Elementary

Dry Run 4:00; Wolfe Run 4:10; Central Ave. 4:20; Coleman Road 4:25; Dry Run Pond Creek 4:35; Shepherd's Fork 4:45.


 Bus #105

MS, HS, and Elementary for sections of West Portsmouth between North Bend and Calvert's Lane

A.M. for MS & HS

16th Street 7:10; Lester 7:11; 15th Street 7:13; McConnell Ave 7:15; Center Street 7:16; Poole Street 7:17; Main Street 7:19; Haig Ave 7:21; Longview 7:22; Washington Blvd. 7:23; Beekman 7:25; Marne Ave. 7:28; Pershing Ave. 7:31; Longview Ave 7:33; John Street 7:36; Elder Ave. 7:43.

P.M. for MS & HS

Elder 3:04; Fairview 3:06; Washington Blvd. 3:08; Haig 3:09; Longview 3:10; Regina 3:10; Northbend 3:11; John 3:12; Main 3:13; Marne 3:14; 17th Street 3:14; Pershing 3:15; Beekman 3:16; Calverts 3:20; Lester 3:21; 15th Street 3:22.

A.M. for Elementary

16th Street 8:10; Lester 8:11; 15th Street 8:13; McConnell & Center 8:15; Poole Street 8:17; Main 8:19; Haig 8:21; Longview 8:22; Washington Blvd. 8:23; Beekman 3:53; Marne 3:55; Pershing Ave 8:31; Longview 8:36; Elder 8:43.

P.M. for Elementary

16th Street 3:40; Lester 3:41; 15th Street 3:42; McConnell 3:43; Center 3:44; Poole 3:45; Main 3:47; Haig 3:48, Longview 3:49; Washington Blvd. 3:50; Beekman 3:53; Marne 3:55; Pershing 3:57; Longview 4:00; John 4:05; Elder 4:08.


Bus # 212


MS, HS, and Elementary for sections of West Portsmouth, between Galena Pike and 10th Street, with early afternoon for pre-school.


A.M. for MS & HS


Enter Calvert's Lane and proceed to 9th Street 7:05-7:07; Turn left and proceed to Custus (Wash. Blvd), turn left on Custus and then left on 9th, then left on 8th, 7:08-7:09. Turn right on Calvert's  then right on Calvert's then right on 7th 7:10-7:11; Turn left on Custus, then left on 6th 7:11-7:12. Turn right on Calverts then right on 5th, take 5th to Short 7:12-7:13. Take Short to 4th (fire station) and turn left, take 4th to Calvert's  and turn right 7:14-7:16. Take Calvert's to 3rd and turn right, take 3rd to Washington Blvd, (Davis Funeral Home) 7:17. Take Washington Blvd to 2nd, turn left on 2nd and go to Calvert's 7:18-7:22. Turn right on Calvert's, right on Route 239 and proceed to MS & HS.


P.M. for MS & HS


Load students at MS and proceed to HS and load. Proceed to Route 52 and Route 239. Make left turn on High Street and right turn on 2nd Street. Proceed on 2nd Street to Calvert's and follow sames procedure as for AM route. Return to Elementary for pickup.


A.M. for Elementary


Elementary AM is same procedure as for MS & HS. Calvert's to 9th Street 8:03-8:05; 8th Street 8:05-8:06; 7th Street 8:07-8:08; 6th Street 8:08; 5th Street 8:12; Short Street 8:13; 4th Street 8:14-8:18; 3rd Street 8:20-8:25; 2nd Street 8:26-8:28.


P.M. for Elementary


Routes 52 & 239 to West Portsmouth. Turn left on High Street, turn right on 2nd 3:35-3:36. Turn left on Custus and right on 3rd 3:37-3:38. Take 3rd to Rapp and turn right to 2nd, turn left on 2nd take 2nd to Calvert's and turn left 3:39. Take Calvert's to Custus turn right, take Custus to 10th, turn right 3:49-3:51. Take 10th to Calvert's, turn right, take Calvert's to 8th. Continue to crisscross to lower streets 3:50-3:55, last drop-off 4:02.


Bus# 204

MS, HS, and Elementary for Slab Run and part of West Portsmouth

A.M. for MS & HS

Route 239 to Slab Run, turn left on Slab Run and proceed to bottom of Forestry Hill. Pickups 6:55-7:03. At top of hill turn right on Nauvoo Pond Creek Road and proceed to West Portsmouth pickups at 7:08. Proceed to Custus (Washington Blvd) 7:11, turn right on 9th Street 7:13. Turn right on Long Street, proceed to 16th St. 7;14-7:18. Turn right on 16th St. proceed back to Washington Blvd and turn right, turn right again on 9th St and proceed to Easy St. 7:23. Hygean Run, turn left on Hygean Run and left on 8th St 7:24-7:25. Turn right on Long St and proceed to 6th St. Ext. 7:27. Bare left on Hygean Run, left on Slab Run and proceed to Route 239 and proceed to HS 7:33, and MS 7:35.

P.M. for MS & HS

Load at MS and HS and proceed to Slab Run via Route 52/239. Proceed length of Slab Run 3:05-3:10. Go to top of hill and turn right and proceed to Custus 3:11. On to 9th, turn right on 9th 3:16. Turn right on Long, and proceed to 16th 3:17-3:21. Right on Custus 3:22. Turn right on 9th and proceed to Hygean Run, left on Hygean to 8th, left on 8th 3:26. Back to Long, right on Long to Hygean Ext 3:23, and back to left turn on Slab Run 3:31. Proceed back to elementary for pickup.

A.M. for Elementary

Left on Slab Run 7:55-8:01. Proceed to top of hill at Nauvoo Pond Creek Rd. 8:03-8:08. Proceed to Custus St (Wash. Blvd) 8:11-8:15. Turn right on 9th St., proceed to Long Street and proceed to 16th St. 8:16-8:20. Turn right on Custus and back to 9th, right on 9th, and proceed to Hygean Run 8:24-8:26. Proceed back to Slab Run, Rt 239 and Elementary 8:33.

P.M. for Elementary

Slab Run 3:55-3:58. Top of Slab Run Hill 4:06. Custus Street (Wash. Blvd) 4:11. 12th Street 4:14. Right on 9th Street 4:17. Right on Long to 16th Street 4:23. Right on 16th to Custus, right on Custus to Washington Blvd. 4:25. Return to right turn 9th Street 4:26. Proceed to Hygean and Slab Run.


Bus #105 

 MS, HS, and Elementary for sections of Hill Road, Hygean Run, West Portsmouth & Dry Run

A.M. for MS & HS

Pick up students from Route 52 at Dry Run, including Hardscrabble, Carol STreet, and Elza Lane, 6:45-7:05. Proceed to City View Ave., Mitchell Lane, and Grandview Ave, 7:10-7:20. Proceed to Hygean Run and Hygean Run Ext. Road to Slab Run 7:25-7:35. Proceed up Hudson Street, Pine Lodge Road, Westgate 7:40-7:45. Proceed to MS & HS.

Evening Drop Off MS & HS

Westgate and Pine Lodge 3:15-3:20. Grandview, City View, and Mitchell Lane 3:25-3:32, Dry Run, Hardscrabble, and Carol Street 3:35-3:40.

Elementary A.M.

Dry Run, Carol Street, Elza, and Hardscrabble 7:55-8:05. City View and Mitchell Lane 8:10-8:15. Hygean Run Extension 8:20-8:25, Pine Lodge Road & Westgate 8:30-8:40. Proceed to Elementary.

Elementary P.M.

Westgate and Pine Lodge Road 3:45-3:50; Hygean Run and Hygean Run Ext. 3:55-4:00; City View and Mitchell Lane 4:05-4:10; Dry Run, Carol Street, and Hardscrabble 4:15-4:25.