Pictured is a page from a Washington-Nile School Board Minutes & Business Record Book for years beginning in 1887 into 1906, and a special election tax ballot, June 13. 1903.

Excerpt from page 203, August 20, 1900: "The Certificate of Election of Branch Rickey as teacher for Dist one was presented. The Committee on teacher reports favorable..and vote was taken which resulted as follows. A. Cole, yes. Jas. Stoner, yes. Jms. W. Hall, yes. A.F. Givens, yes. A. Sissel, yes, Wm. McGraw, yes. Jas. R. Odle, yes. T. Cornell, yes - the vote standing 8 to 0. Branch Rickey was declared teacher for Dist. no. one." (Minutes Book 7)

Thank you to Mrs. Carol Rose for sharing this wonderful piece of Washington-Nile history with us. 


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Students at Sugar Grove School.

"An Accurate and Concise Sketch of Portsmouth, Ohio", from the Board of Trade of said city, prepared by Col. J.E. Wharton, and adopted by the board, February 26, 1876. (Copyright: Public Domain)

Created almost 140 years ago, this pamphlet was created as a sort of advertisement to entice business and industry to locate in the Scioto County area. It may also have been used to advocate for funding from state and federal agencies. Many of those living in Washington and Nile townships at this time, would have been employed by one of the industries and also working farms on the rich and fertile lands described.

     "An Accurate & Concise Sketch of Portsmouth, Ohio"

 In 1814 the first teacher in Nile Township was Jonathan Ho.....

 In 1837 the first teach in Washington Township was Adam Dempsey.

 There was a school house in Alexandria in 1800.

 Pond Run School was built in 1865.

 Teacher salaries in the late 1800's averaged $35 to $40 per month.

 Most one-room schools did not have electricity until after 1937.

 Portsmouth Daily Times School News Clippings

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In 1926 the Scioto County Board of Education published a county-wide school album featuring the area's local high schools. At this time the Washington-Nile area consisted of three high schools, Buena Vista, Nile Township, and Washington Township. Click the links below to view the album pages for Nile, Buena Vista, and Washington High School.

    1926 County School Album Buena Vista  

    1926 County School Album Nile Township

Friendship School 1923 original building. For more history about Friendship Click here